Your Business is All About Return on Investment

The Internet can help your business…but it doesn’t just happen. It’s an ocean of data and information, and like any ocean…you have to navigate carefully to reach your destination. We make the Internet work for you…whether you’re new to online marketing or have used it for years. The custom marketing campaigns we build for our clients are designed for the realities of today’s digital world and focus on one thing…your return on investment (ROI).

Marketing today has a sense of urgency…an immediacy…that never existed before. What used to take weeks or months…even years…now happens in minutes, hours and days. What hasn’t changed is that positioning your brand successfully requires an integrated plan…a well-conceived and well-executed program that gives you the best possible ROI. 

We’re still the Canadian Independent Directory Association…a bow to our founding 20 years ago. Today, our clients and their customers access our directories most often on their mobile devices. The information remains a valuable foundation for a much more comprehensive array of business and marketing services. Markets differ…as you can see on each member’s page of this website. Contact the CIDA member in your market to discuss a program that provides you with the best possible ROI.